Watching two playtests at once is quite a challenge. Kinda funny to watch them fight against each other though.

Not too much new is featured in this Planetary Annihilation internal playtest. Just more demoing, bug finding and testing, and the like.

Very fun finish though.

  • The goal of the newly re-designed Uber cannon is meant to fend off attacking units and isn’t as good as anti-Commander
  • The Uber Cannon does indeed consume energy form the global energy stores to fire. This opens the potential for exploiting where players rush with Commanders and spam out lots of energy plants and energy storage. We’ll see though.
  • A crazy bug where enemy bombers are invisible and missile defense towers won’t fire at them. This is why these are internal play tests rather than live beta builds! At least they figured it out so they can fix it.
  • Garat seems to be taking the hint and seems to have gotten better at expanding. Go Garat!
  • The build includes more variants in terrain. It seems to alter gameplay and unit movement more. We’ll see “significant improvement” in the coming months.
  • There’s changes to naval, but since they played on a desert biome rather than a tropical biome, we didn’t really get to see the changes.
  • Initially I was concerned that combat fabbers would be completely worthless. But with the high health units like Infernos and Vanguards, they’ll be very helpful for assaulting fortified positions.
  • Flak is really really strong.
  • Holy cow Gunships are powerful in large groups.
  • “Everything is more fun with bombs.”
  • Moving planets with the Halley is much faster now.

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