More Internal Playtests! This time Uber experiments with big changes to how Orbital operates. Orbital will become a much more integral part of Planetary Annihilation gameplay, even for single planet systems.

  • Meta is using the Tank Commander. Looking forward to getting our hands on it.
  • Metal extractors costing less allowed Meta to expand very rapidly. Interesting change in dynamic. I like the change in dynamic and dislike it at the same time. We’ll see how that goes.
  • The new lighting/electricity animation for power plants look awesome.
  • The Inferno’s new animations look real cool and man can those things sure can tank a lot of damage.
    Inferno's Flame Animation
  • The Uber Cannon consumes energy. So it can be fired rather rapidly provided you have enough energy storage. This allows for, compared to what it used to be, rapid fire of the Uber Cannon. Uber said that was “too much.” So it’ll probably be lessened. But we’ll probably still be able to do more than we used to.
  • The Uber cannon does less damage, but still has an impressive area of effect. Seemingly to make it less powerful against Commanders, but instead more for anti unit control. And man does it do a great job at fending off units.
  • Changes to Orbital
    • The Anchor (Defense Satellite) now must be built by Orbital Fabricators and Avengers (Orbital Fighters) could be built from Orbital Launchers.
    • Sounds like Avengers will require energy to shoot
    • Basic Radar Satellites can move faster and provide a very small direct line of sight in addition to their radar blips making them VERY good at gaining intel, even for scouting out enemy occupied planets. Looks like they have a vision of about 100m – I could be wrong on that though. Satellites will become an invaluable way of gaining intel making the Orbital layer very important to gameplay even if there’s only one planet in system.
    • Avengers cost 300 metal compared to 1,000 metal.
    • Avengers move pretty quick
    • Movement between planets is much faster now.
    • The Laser Satellite moves quickly and looks like a very nasty force to be reckoned with. Ignore them and meat your doom, though they still can’t hit moving Commanders.
    • So it looks like everything on the orbital layer looks much faster in pretty much every way.
  • Currently the bomb bots will just stand there and get destroyed. They should automatically race at enemy units that get too close since they can’t shoot.
  • Unfortunately the playtest ended with a crash. But we still learned a lot from this Planetary Annihilation playtest.

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