This Planetary Annihilation internal playtest is mostly for the sake of testing out various bugs. That’s cool, since the Gamma release introduced a few bugs.

  • Testing for several bug fixes
  • Added back the economic efficiency scale in the form of “Easy,” (0.5) “Normal,” (1.0) and “Hard” (2.0) buttons.
  • The generating planets bug should be fixed tomorrow morning. Hitting F5 often will fix that issue.
  • The ability to modify lobbies on the fly is so amazing. I love the new lobby interface. So awesome.
  • Allies not sharing fog of war is being looked into.
  • If you can’t use the Theta, that’s a bug. It’ll be fixed.
  • It is probably not possible to pick up an allied commander with an Astraeus. If you can, that’ll likely be removed.
  • There will be an easy way to share systems in the future.

Not an overly exciting playtest. Just trying to squish some bugs in Planetary Annihilation.