Recently Uber told us they were gonna work on combat balance changes. And this is the start of those changes!

Expect some big changes to how Planetary Annihilation plays.

  • This build is testing some balance changes and bug fixes.
  • Bomb bots work now and “are awesome”
  • Bomb bots have noooo vision. I’m guessing 10. But they’re faster now.
  • Bomb bots only seem to reliably work with area attack commands.
  • Bumblebees now drop multiple bombs instead of one bomb.
  • Some “big” pathfinding changes are coming really soon.
  • This is some early balance changes to the upcoming combat changes.
  • The AI has been improved. Particularly, it builds larger armies.
  • This build won’t be released to the live build soon.
  • Some of it should be coming to the PTE real soon.
  • Some big server stability and performance improvements coming.
  • They’re starting to focus more on “polish” features and wrapping up big feature implementation.
  • The Vanguard is now very different. It essentially fires an Uber canon now.
  • It looked like the range of the triple barrel tower had been increased? It could have been my imagination though.
  • The AI will no longer use the Astraeus to place units in unpathable areas.
  • The nuke explosions are real cool, with how the explosion damage spreads out rather than insta damage.
  • We’ll probably get a push to PTE soon.
  • Garat said he’ll be trying to do streaming more often again.