This is a test game to see if some of the Planetary Annihilation balance changes work out well in gameplay.

REMEMBER: This is an iterative process. These changes are not final.

  • Excess economy now shows blue instead of orange – and blue makes more sense.
  • A lot of the balance changes are confined to advanced.
  • Commander metal and energy production hasn’t changed, and Sorian is pretty sure the storage hasn’t changed either.
  • The goal is to make advanced take longer to set up but to ramp up more along the lines of basic once it gets going. This will likely mean the timing for stepping up to advanced will be more important than ever – we’ll see though.
  • Teleporters are cheaper and have more health.
  • No update on the orbital fabber model
  • Advanced Bot Factory consumes 108 metal and 2,250 energy per second to build. So the costs of running advanced factories is much greater, so it’ll be very easy to stall your economy if you build an advanced factory too soon
  • Advanced Bot Fabricator consumes 90 metal and 3,000 energy per second.
  • The costs of advanced economy buildings have been increased.
  • New Teleporter Model. A lot smaller so it can be built easier on smaller planets and anywhere and whatnot. Maybe this new teleporter change will accommodate moving naval units?
  • Advanced energy plants still produce 5,000 energy
  • Advanced Metal Extractors produce 84 metal per second. Not the change that the community wanted. But maybe it’ll be alright due to the massive increase in cost for the advanced fabricators. We’ll see.
  • Due to the advanced fabber changes, building basic buildings will go incredibly fast. Can build laser defense towers in seconds. Not sure how I feel about that. I’m concerned that it’ll invalidate basic units even further.
  • There’s still some crazy pathing bugs on Lava planets.