Some nice, but sometimes subtle, changes coming to Planetary Annihilation!

  • The basic fabrication ship economy drain has changed to be more inline with bot and vehicle fabbers so naval is a viable start. Map expansion does still seem to be slower with naval, so that’s a disadvantage when on primarily land based planets… Fabrication ships now consume 10 metal per second and 1000 energy per second.
  • Air fabbers are also changed. 10% worse on metal and energy efficiency for a trade off with their mobility. Basic air fabbers use 9 metal per second and 1100 energy per second. These changes are moreso “final.”
  • Area patrol is working for naval units now.
  • Improvements have been made to ships so they can move around easier, whereas they used to have issues moving around wrecks, tight spaces, and stuff.
  • With the new in-game chat, you don’t have to stream and chat. So you can use your own casting software if you so choose.
  • Deepspace orbital radars can be placed on water. Not sure if that’s new.
  • Ships still get pushed around when in factories, so that’s still an annoying bug.
  • Commanders used to provide 1,500 metal when reclaimed. But now they’re worth 25,000 metal.
  • Transports are very fragile, making transporting and hot dropping units very risky – but high reward!
  • When you focus fire a unit, and tell it to move, it’ll continue to focus fire until it is dead or out of range. That is an AMAZING addition.
  • The Leviathan’s new broadside is so stinkin amazing…
    Leviathan's Broadside
    And the Stingray’s missiles look so much cooler. They look like they would actually destroy something now.
  • New Anchor model. Looks pretty neat.
    New Anchor Model
  • The Anchor can move from planet to planet, when it previously couldn’t move. All satellites can move.
  • The Anchor provides ground vision.
  • The Uber Cannon seems to be a bit buggy, particularly on small planets.
  • Naval still needs to be tweaked so naval starts are valid alongside ground starts. But it’s moving forward!
  • “Can you say, planet cracking?” Not sure if that means planets are now more destructable?
  • Bomb bots can’t yet target buildings yet, so they’re not quite ready – hopefully we’ll get them soon!
  • Really looking forward to all the changes to Orbital. Going to mean that Orbital is much more important, even for single planet systems.
  • The Devs really really like to smash planets.
  • The AI keeps on lasting longer and longer, so it’s getting better and better. Very exciting stuff.
  • We can’t destroy the Halleys and stop planet smashing. “At least not right now.” So sounds like we will be able to?!?