• Lobby improvements. More control over the lobby.
  • Lots of spectator features are coming.
  • Right now Uber is more focused on ironing out some of the new implamentations rather than adding new features – which is a good thing.
  • Light instancing is coming – which is going to drastically improve performance – particularly for spectators.
  • As a spectator, clicking on a player’s name will (likely) snap to the Commander
  • Sorian is going to be taking a break from the AI to work on spectating features
  • Lots of performance improvements coming.
  • Network improvements coming soon.
  • Sinking wreckage will be added, which is going to greatly improve naval gameplay on several levels.
  • Server stability, server stability improvements are always excellent to see.
  • The developers noticed various bugs, like some targeting issues with turrets. So hopefully those’ll get fixed soon.
  • Looks like the orbital zoom has had some changes. When you zoom out everything goes away on the planet except for some select important things, like Commanders and orbital launchers.
  • Improvements have been made to the Twitch.tv integration and controls.
  • Chat is temporarily broken, so that’ll need to be fixed before ship.
  • Spectators are going to have their own chat channels.
  • They’re going to work on a way to increase the video delay for spectators/streamers so people can’t cheat by watching a stream to see what the opponent’s are doing.
  • The player list and system drop down stays down if desired.
  • The AI REALLY likes Nukes – though we already knew that. Thankfully, the AI is still not the greatest at choosing nuke targets. But that’ll be improved soon
  • New models for all of the Laser Defense Towers. Not a big change, but I think they look a lot cooler.
    Advanced Laser Defense Tower
    Laser Defense Tower
    Single Laser Defense Tower
    If anyone has better screen grabs of the new models, please let me know so I can update them.
  • New Nuke Launch animation
    Nuclear Missile Launch Animation
  • The AI builds Halleys now. Is that new? I haven’t see that before.
  • The Sun has been removed from the system drop down menu.