Not too much is different in this Planetary Annihilation playtest. It’s mostly just bug testing to see if it is ready for release. Some new models and tweaks, but not too much to see.

However, Garat answered quite a few questions about upcoming changes, features, and the like.

The playtest ended in a crash, but that means Uber has more info on what to fix, which is always a good thing.

  • The next release will have balance and stability improvements, but not nessesarily a “huge” feature release. I consider stability improvements to be “huge” though.
  • New models:
    • Gunship
      Gunship preview
    • Vanguard
      Vanguard Preview
  • (Garat! When your base is next to a lake, don’t neglect naval or you’ll have a bad time!)
  • Naval is a lot better balanced now. They’re going to feel very different. They are still slow, but high damage.
  • Uber Cannon did a loop da loop!
    Uber Cannon Loop da Loop
  • They’re working to improve the coordination and functionality of multiple weapons
  • There will be some slightly difference between commanders, functionality wise. But they will be mostly the same. Their weapons will behave a little differently, but will be mostly the same.
  • Deepspace travel speed will be increased and will be on a per unit basis
  • Performance and overall framerate has been increased a decent amount.
  • The ambient light looks pretty darn awesome
  • The limit for whether a planet is moveable and how much is required to move it is entirely determinant by Uber and what they think is good balance.
  • Notifications specifically for spectators will be in the game.
  • The Desert biome has been tweaked and improved.
  • Lots of coming graphics changes in the coming months. Planetary Annihilation is going to look a lot better in the future.
  • AI playing along side with players is possible, but “probably” won’t be something we see in the vanilla Planetary Annihilation. It would make the game too much like “Sim City with Armies.”
  • We still don’t see the strategic icons for interplanetary nukes.
  • We’ll be able to customize our formations through mods. If we want our units to sit in a different order
  • Balance between Vehicles and Bots have been tweaked and much better balanced.
  • Nukes may or may not end up creating craters when they hit. Depends on performance.
  • There may be additional ground/mobile anti-air units in the works. Garat didn’t know for sure.
  • Some of the devs still don’t know how to expand. They gain control of an entire planet and then don’t claim all the metal extractors. They’ve been getting better… but that’s a huge mistake.
  • We will be able to choose whether units go into formation or not.
  • They’re not currently working on dual screen stuff, but they’re working on “related” stuff. Likely they’re working on multi window stuff. Which is gonna be an awesome feature for managing multiple planets at once.
  • They currently can play on LAN, but they play on an internal server instead.

Some very exciting changes coming to Planetary Annihilation in the near future. Gonna be awesome!