Fantastic additions have been showcased this playtest! Some excellent improvements to spectator mode, which is great news for Planetary Annihilation casters. Also multi planet spawns are added! We’ll be seeing these soon!

Some unfortunate microphone issues – but not too bad.

  • Improved spectator panel
    Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 7.07.20 PM
    • Multiple spectator panel options
    • Econ tab, shows total econ efficiency, and metal/energy income and deficit
    • Units tab: Total count, unit count, fabricator count, factory count, army metal size
  • Multi planet spawns – spawn options can be across multiple planets
  • Improved performance – both server side and client side!
  • Instance lighting implemented, which greatly improves framerate, especially for spectators
  • The Delta Commander looks cooler now. “Multiple variants for the faction leader” – more info to come
  • Area patrol for ground units seem to perform better
  • The next build is going to break a lot of mods. Lots of stuff being tweaked. It does mean that we’ll have more mod options and we’ll “need less mods.”
  • The hotkey settings weren’t visible, so those apparently won’t be ready in the next build.
  • Commander targeting issue if a gunship was above it
  • “Much nicer economy bar by default.” We didn’t get to preview it though.
  • Galactic War: The first version of the Galactic War is to play a longer campaign against opponents. There will be lots of mod support for people to create their own campaigns. They talked about in the first version of Galactic War won’t have narrative – which implies that eventually they’ll add campaigns of their own in the future. That’d be cool.
  • Changes coming to “give everyone at least one new commander”