Some very exciting new features coming to Planetary Annihilation. New features, great improvements, and more.

A fairly exciting Planetary Annihilation match actually. Multi planet combat, lots of action. Pretty cool stuff.

Watching two livestreams was really difficult!

  • The rapid “click to start annihilation” bug appears to have been fixed.
  • New animation for the map pings – but the planet smashing audio still sounds, which is annoying. (missed a screen cap of the new map pings animation)
  • Bomb bots added! – didn’t see how much they cost
  • “Bombs (bomb bots) are really fragile” – but pretty fast. However, they didn’t seem to be very good. But hey, first pass! They need to be balanced.
    Planetary Annihilation Bomb Bot
    Bomb Bot in the Build Menu
  • Missile defense towers will only shoot at air units – personally, I’m glad for that change
  • Naval unit’s speed has increased. They seem slower than they used to be before the big patch, but faster than they are now. The sunfish seems pretty quick.
  • Power generators have this new really cool electric spark like animation
  • There was a bug with no commander explosion on death
  • Formations: The formations are pretty cool and nice, however they don’t yet put the proper units in the right order – like Vanguards up front. The formations seem to be very fluid. They stick together in good groups, but move around terrain real well.
    Planetary Annihilation Unit Formations
  • The AI seems to have a lot of improvements – very good news for solo players. Did a great job expanding to multiple planets
  • Walls everywhere!!! they cost so little and tank so much damage. Good for redirecting units though
  • New unit model and fire animation for the Inferno
    Planetary Annihilation Inferno
  • Creating paths wit walls to force enemy units to follow a certain path seemed to work well. I guess Uber’s new tower defense game is showing in Planetary Annihilation! 😛
  • Players will be able to just click on the infinite build button rather than click, pop out comes out, and then click on the infinite build button – if you follow me. One click instead of two.

All in all, very exciting stuff coming to the game.