REMEMBER: This is an EXPERIMENTAL CHANGE and is subject to change.

Even though today is April Fools, Garat said this is not an April Fools joke.

  • They’re looking into Basic Viability. PA had issues with Dox bot rushing being the best winning strategy.
  • The dox has been changed to a “grenadier” – it can now lob shots over the wall height. This also means it has a huge arc in its fire.
  • Anchors have had their health drastically reduced, along with their rate of fire. They also don’t have any vision of the ground. Anchors shoot the ground now. Anchors also consume energy to fire. I like that change direction – just needs some balance tweaks. Ignore orbital at your own peril!
  • Tank range is so that you can shoot at walls that are in front of towers without getting shot at by the defensive towers. That means tanks have had a range increase, or (more likely) laser defense towers have had a range decrease.
  • Very nice technique to use the follow unit view within PIP while scouting. I really gotta do that.
  • Very well played by Meta, and big mistakes made by Garat. lol
  • Orbital Fabrication bot model!
    Orbital Fabrication Bot Model
  • Looks like the economy changes from the economy balance changes are still in the game.
  • Advanced Air Fabricators are better at reclaiming stuff to death than many units are at shooting stuff to death. That smells like it has a lot of potential for abuse.
  • Everything in advanced costs three times as much.
    Personal note: I don’t like this. It means the barrier to advanced is so high, there is a huge advantage to the first player to step to advanced, and there is no possibility of recovering if you lowe your advanced factory.
  • There were quite a few lag spikes. Hopefully that was just Twitch lag – because other than that, the playtest was pretty smooth until late game, and even then, it was a very large system. Later in the playtest, they commented on the unusual amount of lag, so hopefully it’s just something quirky and they’ll fix it.
  • Anti-nukes are going to have a change – they just didn’t say what it was yet because it wasn’t implemented yet. Anti-nukes no longer come pre-loaded.
  • It’s still really easy to slaughter flak towers when microed properly.
  • Energy hasn’t changed for orbital.
  • Wow teleporters are built crazy fast.
  • Assisting with advanced fabbers is the way to win with anything since they build with so much metal.
  • Aaaannnddd… ended with a server crash. 🙁
  • Uber can currently play replays, but they’re not ready yet.
  • Bandwidth optimizations are coming.
  • The purpose of the changes is to make it take longer to get to advanced, but very possible to spam out advanced when you get there. Personally, I think that’ll just make the game winner decided by who gets to advanced first and if you lose your advanced, you might as well self destruct. It’ll also mean spamming out nukes really quickly is even more powerful.
  • Steve thinks he’s onto a major memory performance optimization client side. That’s exciting!
  • There are plans to reduce the memory usage of planets.