Another Planetary Annihilation internal playtest from the guys over at Uber Entertainment, which include some highly anticipated changes.

  • Meta went naval first. So there’s changes to naval.
  • The Strategic icons look different! They seem to be pretty pixelated, but they seem to be clearer if they weren’t so pixelated.
  • There are some UI tweaks
  • The build menu looks different. Some of the icons are different, and the tooltip is different.
    Planetary Annihilation Build Bar
  • The window that’s on the bottom left that pops up when hovering over a unit is different. Provides more info.
    Planetary Annihilation Unit Info
  • Naval moves faster.
  • Meta sure does float his economy a lot.
  • New explosions
  • Accuracy issues where an Avenger couldn’t hit a stationary Orbital Fabber. :-/
  • LOL. tvinita invaded Meta’s moon, built Halleys, and then smashed it.