There are quite a few big changes in the works.

  • The new Doxes can’t hit moving units hardly at all.
  • Anti nukes build slower, but cost a lot less. So you can build them in about half of the time.
  • All of the costs of advanced have been increased by about three times for everything. The cost, the production, and generation. Uber says the point is to make Advanced build itself faster late game. They’re trying to postpone Advanced, but make it easy to produce a lot of Advanced when you get there.
  • Anchor damage has been nerfed.
  • Orbital health has been increased.
  • Avengers seem to be a lot more valid. They seem to be faster and their turn speed has been increased.
  • They say changing the Doxes to “grenadiers” are to make basic harassment valid.
  • Advanced Radar satellites have more health.
  • Anchors can still take on a ton of Avengers.
  • Advanced Air is slower and has less health.
  • Nukes will cost more to compensate for the econ changes.

I made some personal comments on the effects of these changes over on the forums.