New build “coming soon.”

This week? *crosses fingers*

I like the additional commentary that Metabolical was doing this match. Makes the playtests more enjoyable and helpful to new players. Major props metabolical!

It’s interesting to watch the dev’s playstyles. Some use combat fabricators. Some rush orbital. They all seem to use anti-air bots. Some completely ignore air. Some push air hard. Some expand while others turtle. None of them are particularly good at managing their economy, to be fair, that stuff is hard. All really interesting stuff. Planetary Annihilation really is a diverse game.

  • Factories look different! The colorations on the factories are different to make it easier to tell which building belongs to which player. I think they look cooler and it’s a nice detail. I approve.
  • Formations look real nice and the units stay in formation better while moving. Very nice improvement.
  • Naval has some “military changes.” They didn’t give specifics though.
  • Radar can now be built on the water by all fabrication units that can build a radar.
  • Remember, the missile defense tower no longer shoots at ground units. That’s a pretty big change for many players.
  • New Model for the transport! Looks pretty darn cool. tvinita used transports to hot drop some Infernos into a base and they wrecked shop. As soon as the defending bots got close, they were picked up and moved. Super cool.
    Area Commands for the Transports seem to be working very well and looks really easy. Cannot wait to get my hands on it.
    Anti-air defenses and fighters is all the more important now.
    Planetary Annihilation Transports
  • Interesting strategy by metabolical to constantly have a factory pumping out scouts that are on an area patrol of the entire planet. Handy way to constantly scout.
  • chat integrates in game. Currently it just shows up as a regular chat, which could be confusing. Needs some sort of annotation that it is a twitch chat or something. And a way to chat just to twitch through alt+enter or something. But still. REALLY cool. First iteration anyways.
  • Doesn’t look like units order up in formations based on unit type – yet.
  • “Lots of bugfixes.” Mostly not overly noticeable stuff, compared to new units and the like, but all very good updates and get us closer and closer to Planetary Annihilation’s full release.
  • Lots of AI improvements. More aggressive and expands more. Great stuff. And the next build will have even more improvements to the AI in the next build. Really exciting stuff. The AI is throwing astroids now! Hopefully we’ll get the difficulty settings soon.
  • “Lots of UI work going on.” Probably won’t see it until close to release. 🙁 It’s being worked on in its own branch. Hopefully we’ll get some previews at some point.