Meta’s Stream

  • Meta started off on naval in an effort to continue to test and see if naval starts are valid starts compared to water starts. Very important testing.
  • Pings!!! Love the pings and cannot wait to use them. No unique ping sound yet – it just makes the unit lost noise.
  • Really annoying bug that results in the Astreus not being able to move after picking up a Commander. Probably won’t see a new build until that is fixed.
  • Flak seems to have been nerfed. Either that or Gunships have more health or something.
  • The Advanced Radar has been given a buff. Super cool. It has a direct line of sight, and a large vision radius.
  • We can build the Holkins on water now.
  • Gunships are super deadly and awesome.
  • Still getting bugs where fighter missiles will hit buildings. Now they’ll hit buildings that air fabbers are building.
  • Aircraft fly in formation and when bombers are in a selected group, the fighters will stay the same speed as the bombers. That’s a huge improvement to the air layer.
  • Seems to be pathing bugs with fighters and bombers. When the target is destroyed, everything just stops.
  • Something is different with the Deepspace Orbital Radar. It seems to not provide full vision to the planet’s orbital layer, just to a small area above the orbital radar. However, it still shows strategic icons for units that are transferring from planet to planet. Difficult to tell for sure, but that’s what it seems like.

Garat’s Stream

  • The new Uber Cannon is awesome, but can fire even when you have no energy, which is a bad thing in my opinion. It should only be able to fire when you have spare energy stored.
  • Looks like the Basic Radar does offer some direct line of sight. I’d guess something like 150 or 200 line of sight and 300 radar.
  • (Someone should short sheet Garat’s bed for making such a large system.)
  • The AI has more improvements and is better at being aggressive.
  • Uber is focused pretty hard on optimizing Planetary Annihilation. Which is awesome.
  • They’re dropping support for older versions of OS X. People should be updating their operating system anyways.
  • Some OS X improvements to performance.
  • The underwater layer has a pretty low priority right now. They’re trying to get the other layers working well first.
  • Area patrol for ground units is still bugged right now.

Meta’s Test Environment Stream

Meta showed off the Uber Planetary Annihilation Dev World and showed us all the various ways the developers can cheat to build anything in a second. Kinda fun – but cruel and unusual punishment at the same time.

  • Advanced Radar Satellite has a direct line of site and a larger radar coverage. Which is nifty.
  • Reclaiming Commanders to death now takes a lot longer
  • The AI doesn’t know how to use the Uber Cannon yet.
  • HOLY COW the Anchor kicks butt

  • The Umbrella has been given a boost and will be more accurate. But doesn’t seem to be working properly – again.