Some nice additions to Planetary Annihilation. Creeping closer and closer to being finished! This playtest features balances to air, new models, balances to naval (that we don’t get to see), and more.

  • New Ping animation and it doesn’t make the planet smashing sound anymore. Uber should do some Army or Alliance matches so they can show off some of that stuff more.
    Planetary Annihilation Ping Animation
  • Improvements to the bomb bots. They’re “a lot easier to use” now.
  • Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or was the dox’s rate of fire lessened?
  • New Flak Cannon art. Looks like some World War II anti-air cannons.
    New Flak Cannon Art
  • Lots of pathfinding improvements, particularly to air and orbital – aside from aircraft running into mountains that is
  • More work and improvements with the formations
  • Further naval balance has been made – but not showcased because Garat is a goof and didn’t pick a planet with water
  • The new Uber Cannon is still crazy good at taking out units and doesn’t appear to yet run on energy since Garat used the Uber Cannon without having any energy reserves. Maybe it has a separate energy storage for the unit cannon? That’d actually be good to prevent exploiting by players building nothing but energy plants and energy storage.
  • Several bugs discovered
  • Uber has started working on Gunship art, but did not preview it
  • The Devs really like to build their defenses… and not bother to claim metal spots that are right in their base. :-/
  • Gunships are now stronger and cheaper. They also seem to have more health.
  • Wow. The AI is becoming quite fierce. It’s expanding a lot more than it used to.

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