Despite the crash, and bugs, it’s another informative playtest from Uber. Planetary Annihilation is taking quite a few leaps and bounds forward. Going to be an awesome real time strategy game.

With this Planetary Annihilation playtest, it seems the game stability has stepped backwards a little, so the release is being delayed.

  • The commander’s storage has indeed been increased. It now stores 1,000 metal, compared to 800 metal previously, and now stores 20,000 energy, compared to 12,000 energy previously. This will allow players to build a factory first, rather than building metal extractors and energy plant(s) first. Which speeds up the early game allowing action to start sooner and allows players to have a more diverse opening build. So prepared to re-learn opening build orders.
  • Combat fabrication units will automatically repair damaged units nearby. They’ll also likely repair buildings. There will also like be a way to turn off the automatic repairing if your economy is hurting.
  • Combat fabrication bots will repair aircraft that fly overhead. That may not be kept in the game.
  • Half shaded strategic icons will be added to scouted buildings to make scouting easier.
  • Getting off planet is going to be easier and possible sooner. Uber seems to want combat on multiple planets to be a mainstay of Planetary Annihilation. The new Area Commands and Notifications will make multi planet combat viable.
  • Build area commands can overlap. If you set one group of fabricators to build metal extractors over the entirety of a planet, and then do the same with a second group of fabricators, the second fabricators will build metal extractors on the already claimed metal spots. This is different if you queue up metal extractors individually.
  • The new sheller projectiles look cool.
  • Vehicles still seem to be superior to bots when it comes to raw destruction potential. Which makes sense. That’s how it should be.
  • Gunships can shred buildings with great effectiveness. We’ll see how Uber balances Gunships before they are released.
  • Both the AI and bombers seem to target walls. I really hope that bombers won’t target walls with the area attack command. That’d be a huge waste of energy.
  • There is no unit cap. We’ve known this. The game unit limitation will be your computer and server.
  • Teleporters are going to be AWESOME.
  • Spectator mode is coming. They’re actively working on it. No time frame, not in this next build.

Further game optimizations are on the way. Planetary Annihilation is going to be an epic large scale real time strategy game. Gonna be awesome.