Still lotsa bugs popping up. But that’s why this is an internal build of Planetary Annihilation, not a beta release.

Lots of weird pathing problems… And area patrol doesn’t work for naval units.

Not too much new revealed in this test, since we’ve learned most of it from previous playtests.

  • Nice to see that mods seem to be working well with the new builds.
  • Looks like that may be some commentator views in early implementation?
  • Basic Combat Fabricators use 2,500 energy per second when building mies. Not sure if it will be the same for repairing since Uber did mention that the combat fabricators will be very efficient for repairing.
  • The Sunfish is really slow… making it pretty much pointless unless changed since Fireflies, Hummingbirds, or even Bumblebees would be better at scouting than the sunfish.
  • Area patrol for naval units doesn’t seem to work yet.
  • My goodness naval units are slow now… Personally, I hope they speed them back up again. It’ll take them 10+ minutes to cross the map!
  • The changes for earlier orbital seem to be working out rather well and are really cool.
  • Sounds like the new Anchors will be mobile. Not yet, but will be able to move in the future.
  • Looks like naval units may have a damage reduction or they’ve had a health boost. Or I’m just underestimating the power of Narwhals.
  • Sounds like they’ll switch Nuke Launchers to be on continuous build by default.
  • With the new balance changes, Teleporters almost seem like a better way of getting onto another planet rather than using the Astraeus.
  • You have to manually link teleporters.
  • The Uber devs were using air fabricators quite a bit… I wonder if that means he’s just making a poor decision or if they were re-balanced? I’m starting to speculate too much…
  • The Commander can use the teleporter.