REMINDER: Please disable all mods. New updates often introduce compatibility issues in mods, which could make your experience way less excellent than normal.

This latest update is sponsored by … Performance. Stability and performance across the board have been improved. Client multi-threading, for instance, has been introduced to the game making it stronger, better, and faster than ever before. Along these lines, the UI has been given a new round of polish, which will make the game feel a lot more snappier when it counts the most.

On the gameplay front, Uber has done another pass on strategic and build icons. Building and unit icons now have more graphical sizzle, making them more readable when the action gets turbo-hot. Also, strategic icons have received a similar overhaul.

Detailed Build Notes


As with every Planetary Annihilation update, the AI has received some improvements.

  • Re-vamped the AI difficulty levels.
  • Added a new difficulty flag to set whether the AI prioritizes scouting areas of the planet by metal spot count.
  • AI can now build the TML Bot.
  • Increased the value to the AI of destroying metal/energy producers and consumers.
  • Improved AI attack location selection.
  • AI will see fabbers as a threat now.
  • Modified the AI fabber to factory ratio.
  • AI will build orbital fighters to defend against orbital threats better.


  • Fixed the alert preview border.


  • A ton of weapon and move sounds
  • WorldAudioDriver now calculates distance to view frustum for 3d world sounds. This distance is passed into the fmod event as a parameter. This let’s Howard work his magic to attenuate sounds that are offscreen.

Client Effects

  • Delta V jets should now appear at any distance.
  • Fixed particle system frustum culling, to actually do it properly.


  • Dead enemy units (especially commanders) will no longer trigger sight notifications. This fixes the bug where dead cmdrs triggered VO.
  • Fix to allow spawn effects to play on non-primary planets.
  • Fix for SXX not attacking targets while on patrol.


There’s some very nice improvements to the UI in this version of Planetary Annihilation. Mainly, new build bars, UI styles, and strategic icons.

  • Updated build bar icons. This is a major overhaul of all unit build icons, coloration, etc. You will probably need to re-learn the icons a little bit, but they should also be a lot easier to learn now.
  • Art pass on all strategic icons. There is now consistent UI language on strat icons that should make it easier to quickly assess your armies/opponents.


  • Spectators will no longer hold colors.
  • Adding a new slot will no longer reset ai difficulty. Also includes various layout fixes.


  • Disable persistent buffer mapping on Linux. Turns out there’s some issue with it on at least NVIDIA proprietary drivers, so disable it.


  • Fix icon on Mac.


  • Fix period, underscore, etc for Mac & Linux.
  • Settings

    • Changes to the keybinds will now correctly register as a change to the settings which allows the keybinds to correctly interact with the restore defaults button.
    • The server region selecter will now correctly interact with with the save/ save & exit buttons. Changes to the server region will no longer be applied until the settings are saved.


    • Fixing the position of the advanced radar in the build bar.
    • Fix cases where the planet list panel did not sync up with the camera.
    • Fixed the border around holodecks.
    • Fix typo in advanced defense tech for GW
    • Fix for stale error messages showing up in the transit scene. (e.g. Incorrect “failed to connect” style messages)
    • UI actions triggered by the keyboard should now play an audio response.
    • Fix for the notification alert acknowledge keybinding (defaults to ‘space’).
    • Players (self) will no longer appear in their own friendlist.
    • Fix for displaying KS backer cmdrs when the backer name is not given. Improved behavior if you redeems a coupon for an item that isn’t in the catalog.
    • Fix bug where players panel was not informed of each armies allies.
    • Explicitly setting strategic icon priority for base unit specs that use the default value.
    • Adding the gamestats panel (bring it up with ‘tab’).
    • Fix bug in econ display where shared resources could show more pips then intended.

    Complex Changes Lists

    Graphic / Client Multithreading

    • Parallel-for implementation for performant asynchronous and parallel-for processing.
    • New lightweight mutexes for high-frequency locking.
    • Parallelization of some heavy-weight CPU workloads….
    • Many client update operations are now threadsafe. Or should be.
    • Particle depth sort is now done asynchronously, saving up to 20ms/frame of CPU time for late-game.
    • Animation update is now spread across many cores, giving a 2-4x speedup of this code (typically up to 10ms/frame on late game, now down to 4ms or less on a quad core system).
    • Post animation client update is now spread across many cores, giving a 2-4x speed up on this.
    • Particle update is now done in parallel-for, reducing execution time by 2-4x.
    • Strategic icons are now depth and priority sorted, with the commander on top.
    • Particles are now distance and camera-frustum culled (reducing rendering overhead by (sometimes) a significant factor (2-6ms observed in late-game).
    • Various bug and correctness fixes in particle update and rendering.

    Gameplay Weapon work:

    • Clients can now show units targetting multiple entities
    • Any given unit can target up to four unique targets
    • Autoweapon task now uses weapon position to calculate distance for determining closest target. This does not change the max range of any unit or weapon, but individual weapons will prefer targets that are closer
    • This is most noticeable for the battleship where the front and rear turrets are quite far apart


    • Added a 5 second count down after all players select a landing spot.
    • On match start the camera will now look at the players choosen spawn.
    • the Commander spawned for each player will be selected on match start.
    • Added an api call to set your commander id, and updated api call for commander selection to select the commander from id if set. (maintains old functionality (select all commander in an army) if you switch armies or never set commander id)
    • Added commander id to the server state message, and set commander id from this (so each client knows the id of the their commander)

    UI / Modding

    • The more information is now passed to the ui on hover. Cleaned up the way target information is sent. New information includes: target team (color), damage, rate of fire, build arm metal/energy cost.
    • Added names and descriptions to the buildable ammo types. This information will be displayed when hovering an active launcher.
    • Hover panels now show extra information, including: thumbnail image, s.icon, team color, damage, rate of fire, damage per second, build power, build efficiency.
    • Also includes various fixes to handle the merge to main (the gamestats panel has been included and the game options sidebar has been fixed).

    Free Cam

    • Debug and free camera controls are now editable
    • Free cam now has 6DOF controls in planetary mode
    • Free cam controls override any other controls that interfere with it (aka s and f don’t make lots of noise in debug camera!)
    • Groundwork is laid for unit and celestial based 6DOF controls
    • Change your keybindings to get into free cam mode with the ‘toggle free camera’ option

    Updated community translation strings

    • German
    • Dutch
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Russian
    • Polish (Poland)
    • Turkish (Turkey)
    • Czech (CR)
    • Dutch (Belgium)