For the $1,000 or more Kickstarter reward, Planetary Annihilation backers receive their very own custom Commander design. With Uber’s Custom Commander Survey, we receive some insight into what to expect from upcoming Commanders.

We’ve known there will be four Commander chassis options. But now we know a little more about the different weapon options: Uber Cannon, Laser Cannon, and Missile Launcher. It’ll be very interesting to see what Uber has in store with the new Commanders.

There will be for chassis types: Imperial, Quad, Raptor, and Tank. So far we can play with two of the Imperials, one Quad, and one Raptor. No Tank chassis has been released yet. Although, I’d bet we’ll start seeing new Commanders released soon.






While we don’t know 100% for sure that these pictured Commanders will be in the release of Planetary Annihilation, I’d say we’re 99% sure they’ll be in the game.

What Commander is your favorite?