It’s finally here! A new Planetary Annihilation build! This is a big patch with lots of new features, units and changes.

Teleporters are in game now! Teleporters are point to point – build two, select one, then right-click on the other, and establish a gateway between them.

Major Balance Changes: This is a work in progress, but what’s there is already quite a bit different! We’ll need feedback and more time to fine tune it, but consider this the taste test of what’s to come.

New Units: There are a number of new units in the game to start to flesh out the unit rosters. Many of these still use white box art, so they may look funny, but they should still work well.

Area Patrol: This is an incredibly useful persistent area command. When issued, depending on the units, it will stay until canceled. Fabbers will assist and repair, combat units will patrol, guard and attack, etc.

Big improvements to the look of lava planets, and ongoing iteration on the appearance of most biomes!

AI continues to get more and more evil. Make use of the economic scaling in the lobby if you’re having a hard time playing. Setting the AI to 0.0 will allow you to sandbox to really learn the recent changes in the game!

Orbital fabber is now in game, and can build stuff in orbit. This is IMPORTANT! Some of the most important units in the orbital layer now must be built this way. The planet is important, but don’t neglect your near planet orbits! It can also build the teleport gate on the ground. Very useful for planetary expansion!


  • Area commands continue to get improved, bug fixed, and cleaned up
  • Debug/Free cam is back
  • We have the first bit of work to allow us to start to localize the game. Come to the forums in the coming weeks for more details on how to help get the game localized!
  • Energy stance fixes, especially for units under construction
  • More aggressive AI expansion, but also handles differing planet sizes better now
  • AI should no longer get stuck trying to send units to a location they can’t possibly reach.
  • Area build of Adv. Metal Extractor over wreckage should now properly reclaim and build
  • A large number of celestial movement fixes, prevention of “illegal” moves (no annihilation against an already moving target), and others.
  • Number of naval pathing/coming out of factory fixes; Also fixes pathing cost stamp for naval units being way too big
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    (build notes being updated)