Uber Entertainment is hosting its first ever Planetary Annihilation Tournament.

It will be broadcasted live on March 28th at 11am PST.

Battle of the Beasts is an eight team, doubles style, sudden death tournament.

Official Tournament Site


PA Gods – clopse, matizpl
Hyperion – brianpurkiss, mered4
Team Quickstrike – burntcustard, martenus
Team Pink – Cola_Colin, Gunshin
Special Tactics – wpmarshall, Superouman
420 Dunk Squad – masterofroflness, duhreaper
Super Godde Bros – Godde, Giggle
The Alliance – neptunio, Pt4h


  1. Be excellent to each other. Being a jerk is not permitted and can earn a team disqualification at the tournament director’s discretion.
  2. In games, please don’t use /all chat unless you have something hilarious (and work-safe) to share. Also, refer to rule one.
  3. Competitors must use the custom maps we’ve provided for each tier in the tournament. We’ll get you them, hopefully, on Monday.
  4. This is single elimination. If a team loses, its out of the tournament. No worries, though — we’ll have more in the future.
  5. All teams must share armies.
  6. If your team isn’t available for a game, that team is disqualified and its opponent moves on in the bracket.
  7. If it’s in the game, it’s permitted. Planetary Annihilation is still in its Instant Access period of release. Since we’re still refining and tweaking the experience, it’s possible that users will encounter bugs or discover exploits. Obviously, we want you to play in the spirit of the experience, but we can’t referee bugs or exploits.
  8. Mods are also permitted.
  9. Have fun!
  10. Official Tournament Site