Wow, it has been one heck of a year! Planetary Annihilation has come a long way, as has PA Matches.

Thank you all for your support of this website. Together, we can help Planetary Annihilation grow and flourish.

Here’s a few stats about PA Matches.

544 Matches
1,018 Different Players

Top Player in Gameplays
1: ZaphodX in 139 Videos
2: burntcustard in 50 Videos
3: WPMarshall in 47 Videos
4: Mot9001 in 45 Videos
5: clopse in 41 Videos
6: brianpurkiss in 40 Videos
7: Mered4 in 31 Videos
8 & 9: cumsume & max in 30 Videos
10: neptunio in 28 Videos

Top Commentators
1: ZaphodX in 144 Videos
2: brianpurkiss in 85 Videos
3: WPMarshall in 66 Videos
4: OathAlliance in 19 Videos
5: Petars in 19 Videos

180 Wiki Entries

184 Gallery Images

Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Game Key is Eric P, from America. Congrats on the win!

I will email Eric and informing of his winnings. If he does not respond within a few days, a new winner will be chosen.