Windows Versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 & 32 bit)
Mac OX/S: 10.7 & 10.8
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 & 13.04

  • Planet Editor! (WIP) The first pass of the planet editor, which will in turn enable us to build out the system editor. Currently all available biomes are shown, including ones that are still in early development (such as metal and Lava). You cannot save/load planets yet. That’s coming soon.
  • AI! (WIP) This is a rudimentary pass at AI. Most of the work done here is not visible in client yet. However, a basic AI has been enabled that builds a combination of fights and bombers and will sending out bombing runs randomly. This initial pass will allow for more iterative improvements to the AI moving forward. We recommend not playing with more than one or two AIs in a game for now, as more can result in significant server slowdown. It is a known area of optimization we’re working on.
  • Enemy AIs now use the new Alpha commander. First new commander to be added to the game since the start of alpha testing. Appropriate one to add, we thought.
  • Large amount of plumbing done on the back end to support multiple planets. There is additional support needed before this can be exposed, but it is there. This, plus planet editor, are the big pieces that will start to allow multi-planet battles!
  • Wider range of planet size on new game now.
  • Audio Work: support for reverb, large number of tweaks to sound banks
  • Missile ships should work quite a bit better now
  • Scrubbing now works in the Chronocam
  • Ongoing pathing improvements, fixes, etc. Naval and water in general should behave much more as expected again
  • Anti-Air and Catapults both choose targets more carefully
  • New art for a number of units (nuke launcher, energy plant, a number of others)
  • Balance: Radar health reduction, adv bot factory no longer has a build speed advantage over veh factory, storage buffed up quite a bit, T1 energy brought down a bit, laser defense (reg and adv) now have guard radiuses, commander will attempt to fire (low priority) at air units now