Windows Versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 & 32 bit)
Mac OS/X: 10.7 & 10.8
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 & 13.04

  • Custom Planets: As the next step into getting the system builder online, you can now save and load (and play) custom planets! A couple caveats: If you see the word “experimental” show up in the planet builder, it means the server will not allow that planet. On planets larger than 1km diameter, you will probably see increased slow down, especialy with larger games. Currently playable games are at 1500, but we’ll need to spend some time on performance and optimization before we open it up further. Even at 1500, games can really slow down. Lastly, things will break. This is a big change, and an important one. We imagine there will be some crashes, and we’ll be fixing them as rapidly as we can.
  • AI is actively building now. It’s still not a “smart” AI, but if you leave the AI alone for extended periods, be prepared for pretty large bombing raids. No more AI building stacking, sorry all. It does still cheat quite a bit, however.
  • You can select the alpha or delta commander (Just click on your commander icon in the lobby – the current images are placeholder, and are incorrect).
  • Alpha and delta both have their right foot back. Poor guys.
  • Metal is back underwater now. It’s hard to spot, but if you use the magnetic property of them, you can still fairly quickly place them.
  • Significant pathing changes. In most cases, it should still be better, but we’re working hard to find where it still breaks. If you find consistently reproable pathing issues, PLEASE get a thread started in the Alpha forums. If you had one weird thing happen that one time, that’s significantly less helpful. 🙂
  • Air units should handle patrol paths much better now
  • Text input now support: copy/paste, text selection, the ‘>’ character
  • Combat units should now keep their turret pointed in the direction of the last enemy. This will need tuning. It’s great for artillery and laser defense, but mobile units may see weird behavior. Please post on the forums if you run into problems or find clearly undesirable turret behavior.
  • Build bar now supports tabs; Use b to tab through them (they don’t accept mouse clicks yet); Still WIP to get all the units sorting in an ideal fashion