A mostly behind the scenes, performance, bug, and preparation update. Various bug fixes and performance updates as well as lots of behind the scenes updates to support “new features.” Naval also has several improvements made.

Windows Versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 & 32 bit)
Mac OS/X: 10.7 & 10.8
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 & 13.04

  • UberProbe Performance Analysis: Press Ctrl+F11 to do a 500ms capture of your client performance when you notice serious frame rate degradation: as in Ctrl+p shows “client” perf below acceptable levels – this is not useful for Server or Sim frame rate drops). It will create a file located wherever you’re running the executable (If Uber Launcher, in the same directory as your PALauncher.exe, Steam will put it in your applications directory for PA ; File is a .upf extension) Please attach the information to this thread in the alpha forum: https://forums.uberent.com/threads/uberprobe-performance-upload-thread.51144/
  • The sim is now ticking nav and physics only 10 times per second, rather than 40. This should result in significantly improved sim performance for games, large and small. There will still be performance problems. This is just one of many optimizations to come. There should be no noticable change in gameplay responsiveness from this change.
  • AI is smarter, more evil, and expands much further than before. It also makes better use of CPU so it should have less performance impact
  • Modders: Decoding boolean (false) should work now.
  • Naval bases are much more functional now. This is not the final implementation, but near term, should allow for fully functional naval planets with shared JSON being used for: Anti-air, metal, energy, air factories, anti-nukes, and a few other structures.
  • Lots of plumbing work throughout the engine to support new features.
  • Planets now rotate on their axis. This may result in some near term “chunky” looking behvior, with shadows or with looking at the sun while on the planet.
  • Significant iteration on the Sytem and Planet editor, in preparation for building full systems to play in
  • Projectiles should be able to hit underwater commanders again
  • New radar satellite art
  • Radar blips are targetable again
  • Advanced Laser Defense has increased pitch range – should be able to hit units close by a little easier now
  • A number of fixes for nukes not hitting ; there are still a few known problems, especially in relation to water. Best recommendation – don’t nuke naval for now.
  • Quite a few server crash fixes, client side issues, and a host of random errata fixed.
  • Fix to boats exiting shipyard sideways after build