Naval units are now depth aware. If the water looks shallow, boats probably can’t go there. Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.

  • Quite a few pathing fixes to handle all the huge systemic changes we had in September
  • New version of coherent. There should be far fewer UI crashes. If you see one, please post to our forums or the Steam forums with details.
  • Client should handle multiple planet UI selection and behavior a bit better. This is still WIP, there are a lot of cases to handle here.
  • Number of Linux fixes that should get majority of linux users back up and running, through Steam, or directly.
  • Advanced Tanks are a bit smaller now
  • Boats are now water depth aware. If it looks like they can’t path through an area, they (probably) won’t.
  • Ongoing server performance tweaks and crash fixes. There is still one gnarly one we’re trying to track down. The next few builds will include additional logging and ways to help us figure out the exact place. This crash is most often happening when your game has reached the space race phase.