This is a patch that I’ve personally been really looking forward to. Older Macx with ATI drivers no longer have the black planets. Also a number of other bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Additional performance, stability and bug fixing
  • Mac OS/X Ati driver rendering bug – We finally have managed to track down, and fix, the driver bug causing this by working around it in our own rendering engine. This should fix rendering for a lot of people on Mac Book Pro’s from 2011, and a number of iMac’s from that same era.
  • Quite a few additional pathing fixes (There are still some unusual naval pathing issues we’re investigating)
  • Linux: Included an Ubuntu 12.04 compat version of ; Should fix launching with Steam
  • WASD should now respect when you’re chatting, and not try and move the camera
  • New art for sea energy plant, sea air defense, advanced radar sat
  • Solar Array can no longer do celestial moves; Currently, too exploitable so you always maintain a healthy chunk of energy economy with no actual risk