Lots of bug fixes and a lobby overhaul that makes games with the AI easier to create.

  • Some new lobby hosting that should make AI games much easier to create! Also better support for building multiplayer games that have pre-defined AI slots, including pre-built Player vs AI team games
  • More stability, performance and bug fixing; We had a few late fixes come in today, so you may see another very small build increment over the weekend. The changes will be minimal if so.
  • Zoom in the system editor should behave like normal once more
  • Air focused AIs should once again build more than one factory
  • More adjustments to orbital strat icons ; still WIP, but should be easier to manage your orbital units
  • Quite a few additional naval and land pathing fixes; Barring new reports, most of the major pathing issues should be resolved; please report if you find new ones, especially if they’re happening a lot or are easy to reproduce