More Planetary Annihilation stability improvements! Smarter AI, new art for the orbital fighter, and more!

  • A number of client and server crash bug fixes
  • A number of improvements to client and server performance
  • Target leading bug fixes ; Shouldn’t see units incorrectly leading a target based on prior velocity any more
  • Ongoing changes and improvements to the AI; SHould be building nukes, tactical missiles and anti-nukes again; Will now build long range artillery;
  • New art for the orbital fighter!
  • A number of updates to lighting
  • Ongoing work on pathing
  • Orbital Shell: First pass now available. Should make working with units at the orbital layer a bit easier. This is still a work in progress.
  • Frigate should be able to take attack orders for shore based targets now

We’re getting closer and closer to a completed game! Unfortunately most of the work has been behind the scenes stuff and stability improvements rather than new features. But all of this must be done before we get new features, right?