This Planetary Annihilation build is primarily a hotfix to fix crashes and a few other recurring bugs. Even though it’s a small update, it’s still a good one.

Fix to OS/X client crashing as soon as you start the game

More fixes to try and get nukes, asteroids and other “big splodey” events to show up more reliably for people. Still a WIP.

Area commands will now select the whole world if you drag past the edge. Useful for building up small (or large) planets.

We think most cases of not getting all your commanders spawning in team games has been fixed.

Bombers and Advanced Bombers had some pretty big changes made to them. You should try em out. They’re awesome. and OS/X – Make sure you install SoundFlower if you want audio on your streams! This is a Twitch API requirement, not ours!

Some pretty awesome new FX on the Umbrella and the SXX Orbital Laser.

Quite a few other small fixes since yesterday.