The new mini map is here! Also a bunch of further performance improvements, AI buffs, and more!

  • Picture in Picture! Off by default, you can turn it on by clicking the new icon right next to the chronocam icon in the lower right corner. Keep in mind this does impact performance (You’re rendering two views of the game!), but it is AWESOME. Shift-V allows you to quickly alternate between the main and PIP view.
  • GPU rendering of particle effects. Across the board, this should improve client performance for everyone! It’s not a “one size fix all” change, but it should be another change down the “making things better for everyone” path
  • Unit updates to include more team color
  • Even more AI improvements – Cue evil laugh
  • A number of pathing and patrol related bug fixes
  • Orbital units entering a new celstial body should now be oriented correctly
  • Balance/Unit Changes: Gunships should have an easier time hitting targets, transports have been moved to the advanced factory for now, and a few other changes.

The new launcher is about ready to be released soon. Uber hopes to start this on Friday, February 21st. For now, the launcher is limited to Windows and Mac.