Lots of improvements to the lobby, both in functionality and bugs. System templates and AI micro improve gameplay. Finally, some important bug fixes.

  • More lobby fixes; Disables options that only the lobby creator should have; adds back the kick option; Removes the “create/edit” system options from the lobby – this was not intended work flow and broke too many things; Lobby should no longer reset when you change systems
  • You should get a proper lobby rejection when trying to join a lobby that
  • Repairing your commander should no longer trigger a “Commander under attack” alert
  • Landing Timeout increased to 5 minutes before forced game start for people who are having a slow time building systems (this is a local machine issue; There is very little bandwidth used when generating planets)
  • Some great system templates added for people new to the game. 2p means 2 player, 3p, you get the idea!
  • AI can now micro it’s units when attacking. (Check out the AI Micro in action!)
  • The 32 bit executable is now /largeaddressaware in Windows. You still need to make sure your system is Large Address Aware to make use of this, so you can utilize more memory. Really, upgrade to 64-bit! It’s 2014! 🙂
  • Fixed a few “crash on generating planets” issues
  • Players can now choose how many Halleys are required to move a planet.