New art! More fixes! Smarter formations! New spectating options! Uber is in the process of tightening the Gamma experience across the board, and this week’s huge update packs lots of incredible new additions and improvements.

For instance! Uber has taken spectator mode to 11 by allowing spectators to focus on teams and see their resources in real-time. Formations now understand position — flame tanks will now prefer the front, while smaller non-knockout units will prefer the back. Also, Uber has re-added the ability for players to load systems in the background.

Uber has lots more, too, so check out these notes:


  • Added support for full summaries of teams playing.
  • You can also focus on individual teams.
  • Added a new panel on the side to facilitate this.


  • Players will now receive even more information when joining and leaving.
  • Improvements to joining.
  • Improved planet generation while in lobby.


  • Added a new skins for laser turret.

System Editor!

  • Added new tag for starting planet. This is in preparation for multi-planet spawns!

More general AI improvements.


  • Units now have preferred positions.

Bug Fixes

  • Planet smashing bug addressed.
  • A couple of lobby bugs have been squashed.
  • A number of memory leaks have been fixed.
  • Addressed some UI crashes.