Friday Build! These are uncommon, so enjoy them when you get them!

This Planetary Annihilation build offers a lot of bug fixes, Galactic War improvements, performance optimizations, and more!


  • Improved AI air platoon “not moving when they should be” detection.
  • Fix for AI threat value calculation for anti-surface threat.
  • Updated AI neural net data.
  • Fixed AI threat calculations for units with multiple weapons.


  • Also fixes a bug where time scrubing would alter change your playback settings (play to pause, pause to play).


  • Fix for crash when telling an Orbital Factory to pause during a launch.

Galactic War

  • Big Difficulty pass making Hard/Annihilator more difficult. Adding multiple enemies on systems farther from the start.
  • Added Hardcore difficulty where all econ rates for enemies are high, always adds an extra commander to non-boss battles.
  • Improved the system generation to include bigger systems the farther out in the galaxy you go.
  • GW reliability fixes.

  • Starting locations and metal spots will now only appear on base meshes.
  • AI will only spawn on base mashes.
  • Projectiles that lose their target will now go to the last known position of their target and impact.
  • Metal Planet – more trench and pit pathability improvements (better on smaller planets now).


  • Updating post_fxaa.fs to use FXAA 3.11 with GLSL 1.3 spec and optional gather4 optimizations for hardware that supports it. Seeing improvements of ~4x faster on some hardware for FXAA (going from 2.5ms down to 0.6ms).
  • Another bug fix for SAO, another issue that NVidia drivers were glossing over (until the latest update!) and GLslang didn’t catch (because it was a GLSL 4.0 class extension issue). (Update your drivers, always, folks!)


  • [main/Linux] Switch to OpenGL Core Profile.
  • [main/Linux] Save fullscreen & display settings.
  • FMOD Upgrade. This fixes VO on Linux.
  • [main/Linux] Use SDL from steam-runtime.


  • hotkey revision. uses a 3×5 layout instead of a 4×4. tab hotkeys do not overlap with build item hotkeys.
  • fix for twitch controls wrapping and not displaying correctly in live game
  • fixes a bug where default keybindings could not be unbound (bound to ”).
  • added keybind for acknowledge alert. default is set to ‘space’.