This Planetary Annihilation build includes lots of balance changes, full screen for Mac, pausing, and lots of performance improvements. There’s also various improvements to the visuals, specifically, air explosions are different.

And there’s more changes! Go try them out!

Noteable Changes

  • Server Mods!
  • Game pausing
  • Fullscreen on Mac
  • New animations
  • Performance improvements
  • Pathing improvements

AI Changes

  • AI is now smarter.
  • The AI uses Teleporters!

Unit Balance Notes

  • All non-combat structures health increased by 3x.
  • General combat balance pass over ALL combat units and structures.
  • T1 AA Bot: Removed.
  • New T2 Tactical Missile Bot added.
  • T2 Sniper Bots: Can now shoot down tactical missiles.
  • T1 Assault Bots: Turned into light raiders. Fast, cheap, weak.
  • T2 Assault Bot:s Can now go under water, added torpedo.
  • T1 Bomb Bots: speed greatly increased.
  • T2 Tank: Has a very slow turret turn rate but improved overall.
  • T1 Fighter: Improved.
  • T2 Fighter: Removed.
  • T1 Bomber: Drops 5 bombs in carpet bomb style.
  • T2 Bomber: Fires from outside of range of AA towers and fires a tactical missile.
  • T1 Frigate: Torpedo removed.
  • T1 Destroyer: Torpedo added.
  • Pass on Artillery structures and their firing arcs.
  • Tactical Missile Launcher Structure: Energy removed, range reduced, made into much more of a base defense.
  • Bases defenses improved overall.
  • Ion Cannon: (Umbrella): Energy usage removed, range and damage increased.
  • Defensive towers received a buff.
  • Nukes deal more damage, but still can’t 1 shot a Commander.
  • Combat fabricators cannot assist in the construction of buildings.