Notable Changes

Uber Entertainment continues to blast through bugs, lists of polish items and performance optimizations.

Find lobbies more easily – you can name them now, and the default naming will make it much easier to find the lobby you’re looking for. Add tags for competitive, casual, comp stomp or simply testing. Get the people that are looking for the kind of game you want to play.

The AI continues to learn how to dominate across each star system, and features continue to get polished and finished. Hop in and play today, Commanders!


  • AI does better at sending orbital radar to other planets.
  • AI ignores econ cost of units in transit between planets.
  • AI will send basic orbital radar to other planets more often.
  • AI should be a little more nuke happy on planets it has full control over.
  • AI will nuke enemy commanders.
  • Fix for AI getting stuck trying to send units through a teleporter when the end point died.
  • AI will swarm enemy commanders, if they have enough units.
  • Fix for AI being unable to properly use air units due to the fact you cannot use fetchVoxel() to get a voxel for anything not on the ground.
  • AI should use teleporters a bit more effectively.
  • AI economy updates.
  • Edited AI difficulties so that lower difficulties are overly careless with their units rather than overly conservative.


  • Made diplomatic changes available while landing.


  • Unit movement audio loop work
  • VO works again. added a vo queue and priority system. added missing type tags to some units.
  • Adding vehicle movement sounds and robot VO


  • Increase sight range for Assault bot.
  • Thrusters on planets where the owning army is allied with you will no longer count cancel out your thrust power. They still wont add thrust power for you.
  • Fix for planets visually snapping to a final position after being destroyed.
  • Camera will no longer move to the sun after a planet dies.


  • Planets will now orient to put their engines behind them (as best they can) during a planet smash.


  • Added a force fullscreen command line options ( –forcefullscreen ).


  • Fixed Vanguard attacking Commanders


  • Game names now include the tag (casual, competitive, etc…) instead of the system name.


  • Modded servers will now show up without requiring a client mod.
  • Mods now show up in a list under the game details.
  • You can now filter games based on specific mods. the mod filter widget will automatically include the names of any mods applied to active games.


  • Fix for units getting stuck against structures and walls.
  • Fixed Fabbers not moving to a structure when they should
  • Fixed assist nucular missle fabbing from not working
  • Fix for units getting stuck attempting to build something and failing to move out of the way.


  • Replay browser now displays better game info for GW games. Old was just ‘Player (+1 AI)’, New is ‘username: Galactic War “war name” (turn X, system name), vs. AI army names’


  • Added expected player counts to generated star systems.


  • Lobby tag support. current tag list includes (‘Casual’, ‘Competitive’, ‘AI Battle’, ‘Testing’).
  • Changed default game filters to show only games in the ‘lobby’ state. added filters for game status ( open player slots, open spectator slots, any open slot ) and game type (‘free for all’, ‘team armies’).
  • Fix for chat auto-scroll in the lobby.

Galactic War

  • Removed Basic Naval Tech
  • Removed Improved Energy Weapons Tech
  • Basic Naval Tech given to all commander loadouts.
  • Advanced Bot/Vehicle/Air Tech now gives the basic factory and basic fabricator.
  • Artillery Tech changes to just the artillery structures.
  • Artillery Cost Tech: 50% cost reduction -> 75%
  • Artillery Damage Tech: Add 90% energy use reduction.
  • Increased drop rate of super weapon tech
  • Super Weapon Cost Tech: 50% -> 75% cost reduction.
  • Artillery Commander Loadout now has the 75% artillery cost reduction.
  • Storage Tech Buff: +100% -> +300%
  • Efficiency Tech: +40% -> +25%
  • Legion Boss now uses a water-heavy planet.



  • Range: 50 -> 80
  • Is now amphibious


  • Damage: 4000 -> 2000
  • Splash: 20 -> 10


  • Damage: 600 -> 400
  • Full Damage Radius: 5 -> 1

All units

  • No longer leave wreckage.