Quite a few new exciting changes in the latest Planetary Annihilation build. Steam users can now earn achievements and trading cards. Other notable changes include lots of bug fixes and performance increases, previewable metal spots in the system editor, orbital units having a cooldown when entering orbit, and more!

Detailed Build Notes


  • All units arriving at a planet via celestial space will now have a 3 second cooldown before they can take any action.


  • Fix for tactical missiles flipping out when targeting factory wreckage.
  • Make Area Patrol more gooder!! Ground and Sea units now use a guarding behavior when they do area patrol. Each unit type has a pool of shared area targets that they pull from in order to do a small local area patrol. If any nearby units have an attack target, other units will also target it. If the units are too far away from their destination during whole planet patrol they will use the army wide cached targets to keep memory spiking down. This improves both patrol behavior and navigation performance when doing area patrols!
  • Adjusted the guard radius calculation to be the same everywhere.
  • Adjusted the guard radius for all units to be something more reasonable.
  • Fix for units firing into terrain if their target happened to be close to blocking terrain.
  • Land mines can now take damage from weapons and explosions.

System Editor

  • Fix for not showing the busy message when going from a terrain preview to a full preview.


  • Unit selection group display.
  • The client can now limit total number of coherent processes. This is mostly important if you have limited memory. (Suggested by our users.) Use –coherent-options=”–renderer-process-limit=N” to change the value, or –coherent-options=”–single-process” to run in single-process mode. (Really not recommended…)


  • Tell NVIDIA Optimus to use discrete graphics.

System Editor

  • You are now able to view metal spots in the system editor!
  • Clicking “Preview” in the system editor will generate a planet without metal spots (and without having to create nav or physics world).
  • Clicking “Preview” with the “with metal spots” checkbox ticked will generate and display metal spots.
  • If you already have a planet preview the terrain will not be regenerated.
  • While a planet preview with metal spts is up adjusting “metal density” or “metal clusters” will give immediate feedback without regenerating the planet terrain.
  • Metal spot placement in the system editor is accurate, except in the case of start locations.
  • Nav mesh generation no longer blocks the UI
  • Metal spots can now be turned on and off.
  • Starting planet flag is now correct on load.
  • Exiting the system editor goes back to the system load screen.
  • Clicking on a planet no longer moves it.

Language Updates

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Czech republic
  • Hungarian
  • Korean
  • Netherlands
  • Netherlands, Belgium
  • Portugeuse, Brazilian
  • Russian
  • Chinese, Simplified