We’ve been waiting, Uber has been hyping, but it’s finally here! Galactic War! This is a massive new Planetary Annihilation update with tons of brand new features, improvements, and fixes.

Galactic War

Experience a single player campaign unlike any other. Progress through a randomly generated galaxy, unlocking tech and units as you go. Wage war across planets against multiple enemies as you fight for total domination.

In the Galactic War, players have limited tech slots and must choose which units and buildings to add to your arsenal to destroy your opponents. Players will also have AI commanders to fight alongside you for those particularly challenging invasions.

And that’s just the start! In the future, fight against your friends in a revolutionary online experience!

New UI and Voice Notifications

With this new Planetary Annihilation build, Uber Entertainment has refreshed the UI, making this, what, the second pass of the second pass? Or is this the first pass of the third pass?

New Planetary Annihilation UI

And don’t forget the awesome new voiceover notifications! These new notifications help players keep track of the many facets of this complex real time strategy game.

Build Notes

AI Changes

  • Updated AI neural net data.
  • Neural platoons wil now seek to attack things it can actually attack.
  • Will build nukes and anti-nukes in response to system threat, instead of grav well threat.
  • Will build nuke silos to attack other planets that do not share a grav well.
  • Added some AI immediate threat response stuff. In the event you decide to keep a fighter or bomber over the AIs base forever.
  • AI econ adjustments.
  • Will spread out attacks a lot more.
  • Can use Grenadiers.
  • platoons can have a min and/or max unit count.
  • Improved AI attack location choice.
  • Improved AI raiding ability and later game platoon sizes.
  • Improved AI scouting.
  • AI will no longer wig out when you take away its bot factory.
  • Fix for when the AI believes a base is under attack.

Art and Audio

  • Added a thruster effect to the orbital_fighter
  • Fix for defeated music not playing.

Balance Changes

  • Lower cost of T2 by 1/3
  • double laser turret fire rate 1.5->2.0 (reverting)


  • Hooked up seek forward/back buttons.

Gameplay Changes

  • Bombers don’t slow down to a near hault near bomb targets anymore; When air units are running the ‘line through goal’ behavior it won’t slow down more than 40% of their max speed to reduce their turn radius to reach the goal any more. Instead they will fly past the goal and make another attempt. In this way they will always be 60% of their max speed or higher near the enemy target. Which is prefered over slowing down (to a near hault) making the bomber vunerable to anti air etc.
  • Fixed units ‘not assisting’ or building a bit, then not, then building a bit, then not.
  • Removed the Attack command cap from the air scout.
  • Making Astreus go to air layer when it unloads also fixes a rare bug where commanders, when unloaded from a transport, would moonwalk across the planet. This was due to the attachable taking the transporter’s velocity when it was unloaded and that affecting its interpretation of up which would cause the snapToGeom to continually move the unit.
  • fix for units not moving into range to assist large factories. They were using the focus entity as the target for the move task, whch would be unreachable for units on large factories. Now the move task targets the factory when it is a factory and the focus entity otherwise. The buildarm still targets the focus entity.
  • Advanced Fabbers build basic buildings
  • Advanced Factories build basic units within their class
  • Fixed commanders getting stuck when moving out of the way to build a structure.
  • Allies no longer trigger alerts for enemy units detected.
  • Updated visuals for landing zones. Now uses recon lights to highlight the landing zones instead of a particle. Landing zone labels now offset from the planet in screen space so they’re easier to read at a distance.


  • Fix a bug with SAO shader causing it to fail silently on some video cards. Was doing a float = vec4 which is undefined behavior.
  • Refactor how unit ambient color is done. Had changed emissive glows from lighting or emissive to lighting and emissive for direct lighting, but hadn’t made that change for ambient light. Also removes extra glow of team color … which may or may not be a good thing.


  • Integrate SDL updates for Linux from proto/sdl. This switches away from Xlib usage in the Linux platform backend, to make it (mostly?) pure SDL2.
  • Check in GLSL shader validation script.
  • Add official glslang binaries.
  • Explictly request a 3.2 OpenGL context.
  • Set the “don’t minimize on focus loss” hint for SDL.
  • Switch back to libboost-regex for Linux.


  • Client/Server is more selective about the data it sends to clients. This should reduce bandwidth a lot for players, but should also help casters not get all the data all the time.


  • Support for launching YouTube in browser
  • move pip to q key. Move select commander to b key. Both to avoid conflicts with build bar.
  • Fixed bug where YouTube tutorial video wouldn’t load
  • html ui / server js: the game creator can now set the color for AIs.
  • Turned off autoplay for YouTube videos from start page
  • Updated UI on settings page.
  • html ui: adding separate toggles for hiding ui (ctrl+u) and hiding ar (ctrl+y).
  • Various changes to strategic icons and mouse hover feedback. * When the cursor is hovering over a unit, units now displays a white icon on the ground around them and their strategic icon is slightly larger. * Ghost units no longer show additional information in their hover pop up (like if they’re building or not). * Radar blips with matched ghosts now do show their type and last seen health, just like a non-radar blip ghost unit would. * Selection now represented in unit icons. Unit icons now have a black border by default instead of white. White now denotes selected. * Change “black” team to less black, more charcoal to accomidate default black border.
  • Improved area build for torpedos & anchors.
  • Normalize spacing for laser and aa towers to 18 (adv was 17).
  • Fix ambient occlusion settings to properly use OFF and ON;
  • Changes to volume levels are changed immediately (though still on retain if users click Save);
  • Changes to volume levels and resolution scaling now take effect when clicking Save, thus allowing them to be changed in-game (before only got applied when returning to start page);
  • Added new game icon.