Planetary Annihilation LiveStream Notes

By request, the focus of this Planetary Annihilation Live Stream is Art! New planets, units, and more!

  • Some insight into the art process
  • Metal Planet art
  • Early metal planet builds
  • Introducing new team member Brandon Orden
  • Early Lava Planet builds
  • Smoother biome transitions
  • Thanks for the shout out!
  • Reddit questions
    • Catapults, artillery, etc will use the ammo system. So they will use resources to run in the future
    • Naval is being worked on – submarines will be submersible soon
    • Lava and metal planets will available soon
    • Bombers will use actual bombs in the future – not missiles like currently
    • Don’t get hung up on Tech 1, Tech 2, Tech 3 labels. Tech is purely organizational. Uber is working on making gameplay balance so all units are viable at all times
    • Eventually trees/rocks/etc will be blocking and be reclaimable. There will be forest fires and other stuff like that
    • Gas giants will primarily be orbital and resources. Not much for fighting/production, but critical for control for resources

Planetary Annihilation Live Stream Questions Thread