Planetary Annihilation is available for $30! Lowest it has ever been and will be for a while.

  • The stream started out with some cinematic footage of PA. Mostly just planets and stuff being built. Looks amazing though.
  • The History of Planetary Annihilation:
    • Starts out with talking about History
    • Started coding in November of 2012
    • That included building an engine from scratch
    • First Alpha, then Beta, now Gamma
    • Uber is trying to show that Uber is actively working on Planetary Annihilation
    • The “Gamma” label is to get rid of various preconceptions and labels that people think of when they think “Beta.”
  • Lots of new updates that will be coming fast and furious
  • There will be a video feed in the main menu
  • Friends bar added will be added to the bottom of the main screen and include instant messaging
  • Multi planet spawn will be added “soon”
  • “Picture in Picture” is currently first pass. Lots of new features to be added to it.

Gamma Release Overview:

  • Fantastic new main menu
  • on the side: see who all is streaming. In the future we’ll be able to bring Twitch broadcasts live in to the main screen
  • New Lobby has lots of new filter options, and there will be more filter options in the future.
  • Showcasing the new and streamlined lobby.
  • We can add and remove players after the lobby has been made public. SUPER awesome.
  • “First pass of the second pass.”
  • We can set shared armies or “Alliance” in the lobby. All can be changed on the fly, after it was published.
  • We can’t make and break alliances in game yet – but will be able to soon
  • Formations are not finished. Many improvements to them, and we can create custom formations by drawing. Walls by drawing. And more
  • New game takes forever to load due to some technical issues. That will be addressed soon.
  • Howard would have been there, but he had jury duty today. Instead we’ll have a livestream dedicated to the music. And the Planetary Annihilation Documentary will have lots of footage of it.
  • Gamma isn’t only about social features. Lots of new features to be added during this phase.

Commander Art

Technical difficulties kick off this section with audio mixups.

  • New Commander art!
  • Alpha Commander: all backers get it.
  • Centurion: everyone gets it
  • Delta Commander
  • Projenator: founder of all commanders
  • Theta Commander: Pre-orders get it
  • Osirus: Fourth Faction Leader
  • Imicus: Leader of one of the factions
  • Four commander chassi types: Imperial, Raptor, Quad, and Tank. This allows Uber to have more commanders with greater ease.
  • Three different weapon types: Uber Cannon, Laser Cannon, or Missile Launcher. So that seems to imply you’ll have the Uber Cannon, or a standard gun.
  • Apparently the custom Commanders are gonna be awesome.
  • Some previews of different Commander iterations
  • Steve’s favorite part about Planetary Annihilation is smashing planets.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.23.44 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.23.30 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.23.49 PM

Questions Section

There is no timeframe for anything. Asking about that is pointless.

  • Galactic war is being actively worked on. (they have an internal playtest!)
  • Advanced mobile Flak is coming!
  • More new units coming in Gamma
  • They’re gonna make the soundtrack available as soon as possible. Gonna be available on iTunes.
  • Lots of optimizations in the ChronoCam and Particle Effects coming
  • Unit Cannon: The Unit Cannon is not a high priority due to the amount of work it requires and how other stuff is more important.
  • Blurred strategic icons is a bug.
  • Drop Pod/The Egg: The Egg is going to be something that allows accelerated starts. If it ends up in the game at all. It was envisioned to be a lander that has a factory or some guns or something on it.
  • Build bar has two columns.
  • The player list has a drop down so it stays out of the way.
  • Multi Planet start is almost ready. Mostly dome lobby options that need to be added.
  • Multi Planet start will have some pre-built planets from Uber themselves.
  • The AI will have different personalities.
  • Picture in Picture is way under developed. Lots of new features to be added.
  • Will Planetary Annihilation be intergrated with various steam features?
    “At lest somewhat. Maybe down the line.”
  • “What features are planned to make invading planets easier?”
    A planet is supposed to be difficult to invade. They really want us to smash planets a lot.
    There will be a easier way to add astroid belts.
  • They’re re-doing how many Halleys are needed to smash things.
  • Uber is going to start slowly increasing the total number of players in a game.
  • “How final is the UI?”
    “First pass of the second pass.” Many improvements yet to be made to the UI.
  • The current state of the terrain is far from done. Planets will become more interesting in the future.
  • “Will terrain ever effect unit vision radius?”
    It would be a lot of rendering work. So maybe, maybe not. They’re exploring possibilities.
  • They’ll be adding more and more biomes over time. City biomes is a good idea. Unique elements to planets.

Tune in tomorrow for another livestream! Starts at UTC -8 on February 28th.