The new Orbital camera is pretty darn cool. Seamless zoom looks like a huge improvement.

New unit examples! The plan is to have 4 to six units for every factory.

  • Air transports – both single units and multi units
  • Advanced flack tower
  • Mine layers
  • More tanks
  • Different bots with different weapon types and armors
  • Naval transports

The new units will begin trickling in over upcoming builds – not all at once.

Single player and multi player Galactic War: It’s “not quite playable yet.” That’s exciting news! They’re placing an emphasis on ensuring single player being a valid game type. Muti player turns will have configurable times, and clan wars will be in game. They hope to show us something on the galactic war here in the new future.

Teleporters are a network of gates. So you select a unit, select a teleporter start, and then select a teleporter location. There will be an energy cost proportional to size of the unit and distance of the transportation. The visuals of it haven’t been decided yet.

The Unit Cannon loads up units and launches them off planet. Both the Unit Cannon and Teleporters will have queues.

The devs are exploring mini maps. But since we’re on a sphere in Planetary Annihilation, it can’t be a standard RTS mini map. They’re working hard in this direction, but it must wait until multi windows are completed.

Orbital will be changing. The cost will be lowered, and some things will need to be built in orbit by an orbital fabricator. will be integrated straight into Planetary Annihilation. We’ll be able to easily stream directly to twitch with a button.

Line building, area building, and area commands are being worked on. “Shouldn’t be that long.”

Modding is going to be a huge component of Planetary Annihilation. Units, game types, campaigns, and more will be a core principle in the game.

New Commander! We know nothing about it, except that it will be available only to anyone who has already purchased Planetary Annihilation or purchases the game during the Steam Fall Sale.

Interplanetary nukes are confirmed! As well as “orbital flybys” and swapping out orbits.