PA Stats is an excellent Planetary Annihilation mod that provides extensive statistics on gameplay allowing players to improve their Planetary Annihilation skills by recognizing your weak points.

Now, PA Stats will include matchmaking and a 1v1 ladder. Check out PA Stat’s Planetary Annihilation ladder.

Matchmaking in Action

For now, matchmaking will be on a first come first serve basis, but in the future if enough players use it, PA Stats will rank players based on their ladder rankings and have a specific matchmaking ladder.

The matchmaking uses a set of systems. Have one you like? Submit it to the matchmaking system! Learn more


The update hasn’t been released just yet but will likely be released within the next 24 hours or so.

What is PA Stats?

Never heard of PA Stats? You’re missing out. Here’s an overview video of this fantastic Planetary Annihilation mod.

Download PA Stats now!

How to install Planetary Annihilation mods