The launch edition of the game includes a number of upgrades, including enhancements to both single-player and multiplayer. It will also include two new features: resource-rich gas giants and the “Annihilaser,” a celestial laser of doom that obliterates planets with each tremendous blast.

Patch Notes

Server memory usage improvements. This should help mitigate many of the lag concerns that have been popping up in some circumstances.

  • AI: Improve the AI’s handling of Gas Giants.
  • AI: Minor AI balance changes.

Annihilazer: the metal planet can now target planets with active thrusters.

Balance: Decrease the grav-well speed of nukes to help mitigate them going in circles around smaller planets.

Bug: Fix for crash when a unit is on the final leg of a celestial move to a planet that gets smashed.

  • Chat: Disabled the keyboard capture stack handling in live game.
  • Chat: Breaks due to capturing more than it releases due to being inside of the computed without current capture state tracking

Galactic War: Anti-nuke working again

  • Gameplay: Fix for being unalbe to set an orbital factory or orbital launcher rally point on a gas giant.
  • Gameplay: Fix for tactical missile bot not working when moving away from targets.
  • Gameplay: Fix for weapons and projectiles damaging your own units even with splash_damages_allies set to false.
  • Gameplay: Updated the firing tolerance for the metal planet weapon. Fixes a situation where the planet appears to be on target but does not fire.
  • Gameplay: Advanced Assault Bot can fire on land again
  • Gameplay: Attack move with non-combat units (Combat fabbers or other units without weapon) work again as expected

Lobby: Maximum length limit for the lobby name.

Replays: Replay browser now allows replay playback from direct lobby IDs pasted into search box, even if those lobby IDs aren’t in the displayed replay list.

  • UI: fixed a bug with planetary weapon control alert logic.
  • UI: you can now join an army after leaving a shared army (since the selectedCommander function will now always return a well formed object). also fixes the preferred commander logic.
  • UI: shared armies will only use a single color. players (except the first player in an army) will give up their color when they join a shared army.
  • UI: Alerts and hover details: alert styling fix to center text properly in alert, and fix title text spacing in hover detail


  • Gunship: Health: 240 -> 300
  • Commander: AA Weapon: RoF: 2 -> 1, no AoE.
  • Nukes: Cost: 60000 -> 50000
  • Booms Damage: 250 -> 700
  • SXX can now shoot at and hit air units. (Like commanders in Pelicans)
  • Commander death no longer damages orbital units.
  • Orbital Factory – Health: 30000 -> 15000
  • Jig: – Health: 7500 -> 500 ; – Metal Cost: 6000 -> 3000
  • Teleporters: Increase the build length: 60 -> 75
  • Bot/Vehicle/Naval Fabricators Build Range: 20 -> 30
  • Sniper Bot: Sight Radius: 100 -> 180 ; Now does beam instead of shell. Stops them from being useless on bumpy terrain. ; Range: 140 -> 220 ; Turret Yaw Rate: 90 -> 45
  • Advanced Assault Bots: Torpedo Range: 200 -> 160
  • Adv Torpedo Launcher: RoF: 2 -> 3, Damage: 300 -> 235
  • Metal Planet Turn Rate: 5 -> 10

Official Release Notes