A new Planetary Annihilation build is here! Key improvements include lots of bug fixes, some big improvements to game performance, AI improvements, and an awesome new “Zoom to Combat” command.


  • The AI will react better when the only intel it has is radar blips.
  • AI commanders will return to the safety of their base when they have nothing better to do.
  • The AI will act to remove all land and air threats once there are no more econ threats.
  • AI land platoons are now less likely to run away once they have made it into an enemy base.
  • The AI commander can now help out planet wide if the AI controls the whole planet.
  • AI will now target commanders with nukes, regardless of the metal value of the structures around him.

Galactic War

  • The default gw game name is no longer ‘New Game’. The format is now ‘War – ‘ + dd//mm/yyyy.


  • Fix for radars continuing to work when set to conserve energy.
  • Oribtal transports now ignore goal collisions when loading and unloading.
  • The goal radius for load and unload has been shrunk.


  • Reduce memory overhead of impostors by ~10MB for large systems by using shared depth buffers.


  • Huge localization additions. Added: Korean, Arabic


  • Added combat tracking (currently based on units destroyed). the ‘acknowedge alert’ action will now zoom to the latest combat if there are no other alerts. Also added a specific ‘zoom to combat’ command.
  • Fix for the repeating low cmdr health warning. this just prevents it from firing if your cmdr (the one you spawned with) dies.
  • Audio tweaks to reduce the frequecy of economy overflow warnings.


  • Quick fix for the invisible console bug. this removes the default binding for toggle console. This fixes the UI lockup issue some people would encounter when hitting the ~ by mistake.
  • Changed the unit celestial path shader to be solid instead of faded.

Official notes