The latest build marks a big step forward for Planetary Annihilation, Matchmaking! Matchmaking has been a very commonly requested feature for Planetary Annihilation. It was made public on the PTE a few days ago, but now it’s out on the live build.


  • Ranked with Matchmaking!
  • 1v1 ranked lobbies
  • Matchmaking
    • Unranked badge for use during preliminary matches
    • After 5 games, Ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Uber (with unique badges for each)
  • New UI flow to support Ranked gameplay
  • Improved region selection dialog
  • 4 new Custom Commanders
  • Following are newly available for purchase
    • Chronoblip
    • Diremachine
    • Stickman9000


  • Server Browser shows modded as well as unmodded games by default
  • System import/export (save and load systems that others have created, allowing sharing)
  • Added tabs and work on redesign of System Editor
  • ChronoCam Time bar alerts now use team color when available
  • Added missing loc throughout the UI (still work in progress)
  • Metal planet pole cap and platform mapping improvements
  • Custom Commander texture work for one of our not for sale commanders


  • Bugfix that was causing servers to hang
  • Random bug fixes for perf and crashing
  • Toggling fullscreen via alt+enter now correctly updates the full screen setting
  • A number of additional server crash fixes
  • Update to localization tags that were showing up
  • Fix for building MEXs over MEXs

Known Issues

  • Rank updates can take a bit to update
  • There is no notification sound if you happened to be tabbed away when game is ready
  • Will be doing a pass on systems being used for 1v1