Uber Entertainment has always intended Planetary Annihilation to be a large scale macro game with large armies. This stress test from OathAlliance really shows the potential of Planetary Annihilation. This game really will change the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre.

Uber still has a lot of performance updates to go, but each new build has performance updates on both client side and server side. So armies this large may not be that far off!

Finishing Client FPS 3-6
Server/Sim FPS: .5
Time Running: 11hr 28min 28sec

1 x Size 2 Moon
1x Size 4 Moon

Units and Buildings:
Total units on the field: 10041
10k x Dox
20 x Bot Fact
6 x Pgen
5 x Bot Fabs
4 x MEx
2 x Met Stor
2 Teleporters
1 x Hum Com
1 x AI Com

Ram used by PA.exe: 7.9GB

PA Stats match synopsis for proof


100 Nukes Launched

And while we’re on the topic of crazy amounts of units, how about a bonus video of 100 nukes being launched!