I’ve been working on this new addition for longer than I would like or care to admit, but it’s here! Well, mostly here.

The Planetary Annihilation Wiki!

I’ve managed to populate it with the stats of all the units and buildings that are currently in game. I have a handful of other pages in the works and will be adding pages, content, and images. However, I need your help!

Contribute to the Planetary Annihilation Wiki!

I would love your contributions to the wiki. You will receive credit on the article, a link, and be added to the Wiki Contributors page. In particular, I need images of all the units and buildings. For a full list of what’s needed, head on over to the contribution page.

Currently the Planetary Annihilation Wiki is in beta, so contributions must be approved first. I’m still working on the wiki and have more improvements to add to it before I open it to public edits.

But don’t worry! (Because I know you were worried) I still have lots more plans for PA Matches. More updates and features to follow!