This playtest brings in community members to try out some of the changes on the PTE Build.

  • More contrast on the build bar makes the icons easier to see.
  • Lots of performance improvements
  • The new strategic icons seem to have a lot more variety to make it easier to notice the differences.
  • New Firing sounds for a lot of units and structures
  • Here’s what the new UI tweaks look like.
    Planetary Annihilation UI Tweaks
    Planetary Annihilation UI Tweaks
  • With the 3x health increase, it takes T1 units forever to destroy enemy buildings, making raiding and flanking of the enemy base a lot less effective. You destroy one or two buildings before units arrive to defend.
  • Multithreading coming soon.
  • The game will better use more of the computer’s processing power thanks to some technical mumbo jumbo.
  • If you’re running into the UI lag, try clicking only once. Don’t click 30 times when you only need to click once. However, the UI lag should be gone with the new PTE build that it soon to be released.
  • Area reclaim, and setting up build queues on top of wrecks isn’t working very well as of late.