• You can ping before the game, but no one can see it. It’s a step forward, we’ll get there.
  • Uber plagued by the blinking icons bug. I hope this means they fix it soon.
  • Uber pauses the game to report a bug.
  • When you lose in the army game mode, you switch to spectator mode. You then have vision on your opponent’s economy.
  • Meta and Brad were bragging at how they were undefeated and the best team in the world. And then they lost in essentially what was a 2v1.
  • Meta made a snarky comment about some unnamed person always making snarky comments about Meta floating his economy.
  • Pathing improvements are coming.

Uber then took down the stream to release a patch with improved pathing.

  • Meta went into detail about the “revamped” pathing system. The pathing guy has been working on this revamp for quite a while.
  • The old system went by a 2D system, and the new system is more of a 3D system

The devs then hopped on an internal build, and set up a devs only game.

  • New sounds for the WIP landing effect
  • This is the first try with the new pathing system, so all sorts of craziness could happen.
  • Difficult to comment on the pathing improvements until I get my hands on it. So… gimme! 😀
  • Planet smash!